Mission: We teach what isn’t taught so teams can achieve more than they ever thought.

Vision: To help create more “David & Goliath” football successes.

Our service is proactive and adds value to a club`s greatest asset – its people.

Intelligent Football comes with a “100% guarantee,” in terms of an immediate and long-term improvement in a team`s performance, results and development.

Find out more about Intelligent Football Founder, David McCulloch.

Early years: F1

My working life began as a 16 year old, becoming the first apprentice at the Repco Brabham Engine Company F1 Team, in Melbourne, Australia learning what it takes to be the best in the world. In my first year I achieved a taste of success, with a 97% average in practical and theory assignments beating all 72 of my fellow apprentices.


At just 20 I was selected to represent Repco in America, working as a technician during a two race promotional tour with the Repco Rothmans Matich F5000 Team. After two races the team were leading the L&M F5000 series beating some of the best F5000 teams in the world. The experience gained as a 20 year old taught me how to build a World Championship winning team, the true essence of teamwork and the importance of learning & developing a “how to win” mentality.

Where it began… On top of the podium at age 20… Part of a World Class Winning Team

My first business, 1975

Following this incredible experience working within the sports industry I set out establishing the first discount motorcycle tyre company in Australia, offering a ride in fitting and balancing service.

In 1976 the distributors of Suzuki motorcycles asked me to take over a retail operation which we called McCulloch Suzuki. In 1979 we expanded the business 1000 miles north to Karratha setting up the first professional operation of its kind in the region.

Sports Racing Teams

I built and ran the highly successful McCulloch Suzuki / Belray Oils sports racing teams, road racing in Perth and MX in Karratha, winning many titles. I did compete but found my strength was in the management, recruitment, retention and development of the teams. Our Karratha team won all 3 classes, 125, 250 and the open, for 3 seasons on Suzuki RM motorcycles.

I’m delighted that McCulloch Suzuki in Perth still trades to this day – 40+ years on – thanks to the knowledge of body language, time & motion, teamwork, customer service and the “how to win” culture embedded into the business.

Dr Joseph Braysich – Body Language

We engaged the services of the world renowned Dr Braysich to teach our team about Body Language. Social scientists have verified that 70% of the message transmitted during a face to face communication is non – verbal.

Body Language is “the art of seeing what others are thinking.”

It is an extremely valuable skill I use daily. See my recent blog post on body language.

Americas Cup Champions

In 1983, I linked up with the support team from the Royal Perth Yacht Club, the sponsoring club, during the Australian Challenge for the Americas Cup in Newport, Rhode Island. Australia made history, as for the first time ever they won the famous and historic trophy, taking it out of America for the first time in 132 years! Not only did the team win, but they came from three-nil down in a best of seven series to do so. Despite overwhelming odds the team showed that with a positive mental attitude, confidence, skill and teamwork anything is possible.

I moved into best practice troubleshooting, improving process & business, customer service, teamwork and people in 1996. One business I worked with was just four hours away from being closed down by the tax man, I negotiated with them and the creditors and eventually returned the business to profit in six weeks with all debts cleared in twelve months. This was achieved by thinking, looking, listening and learning, (Tllal) and showing leadership. A winning team was built, the company’s people were upskilled and the owners were provided with training, coaching and mentoring.

Returning to the UK in 2001 I have continued to work with a variety of businesses to improve teamwork, customer service and bottom line profits.

Intelligent Tennis

A one off project where I worked with a teenage girl and her mother. Together we improved her ranking from 56 to 28 within 5 weeks.

Testimonial: DD and JD

“I think that David has helped me a lot particularly with the thinking side of my tennis game. David said to me that “you can hit a ball very well but it is not just about that, it is also about thinking about how to win.” It is about looking and learning about my tennis game and the opponents. He has also helped me with my positive mental attitude. Right now, I am still working on the gaps in my foundation and I will keep working with the plan that David is helping me with. I believe that I will become a successful tennis player and then I can say “My success has been demystified!”

“David’s approach has made me start to think of my daughter’s tennis journey in a more structured, simplified way. If I’m being honest, I do feel a bit uncomfortable with some of his suggestions as it seems to be making things sound too easy!”

Success Demystified

Success Demystified, formulates a plan that simplifies what is required to achieve success. It is a tried and proven methodology and part of the Intelligent Football transformation process.

My Ambition

My aim is to apply 40+ years’ experience of developing winning teams, managers & coaches and building successful relationships and businesses, into success in football. Results indicate too many teams are delivering well below their true potential.