Winning at Football is about your team having the required skills and level of competencies to be the benchmark of the competition.

Control the ball, control the play and win.

Learn How To Avoid Relegation

It is the players and coaches perception that needs to change if the team are to avoid relegation.

A brainstorming session is organised with the players and coaches. The session is about thinking and learning and not yelling and telling.

During this session, we find out how much knowledge people have about controlling and winning games.

A debrief of the last game takes place and learning opportunities, not mistakes are identified by the players.

The team has Learning & Development sessions using this new knowledge and results will improve within 12 hours.

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Your health and education are important in life. Please put football into perspective and enjoy it.

The business of football need not be the way it is, with the richest clubs being the most successful.

Financial fair play encourages innovation. Research indicates any progressive club can win silverware. Thank you.

Learn how to win on average up to 2.4 points per game.