How it works

We work with decision makers to provide & implement best practice solutions that will bring about an immediate improvement in results, on and off the pitch.

The process is results driven.

If after 6 games your team has won 6 points the team are winning on average 1.0 point per game (33.3% effective). Intelligent Football will teach your team how to win on average 2.4 points per game (80% effective). Our specialists will identify which of the 10 areas listed below your team should develop in order to improve team results. This is achieved by introducing an appraisal and a personal & team development plan.

Our processes are based on methodologies, “the how to do” about achieving success and winning, – not psychology.

The 10 step process takes 48 hours of learning & development to implement.

The 10 step best practice Intelligent Football transformation process teaches:

Who can benefit from Intelligent Football?

Intelligent Football is available for teams, professional, semi-professional or amateur that are looking to take a positive step to improve results, both on and off the pitch.

What is Intelligent Football?

Intelligent Football is a proactive best practice troubleshooting organisation that transforms a club in three major ways. It:

  • Builds solid foundations for sustainable growth and profit.
  • Unleashes the uplifting power of football & achievement on communities.
  • Develops a winning mentality, efficient quality teams and a succession plan.


  • It helps clubs & communities achieve their, goals, ambitions and visions.
  • It provides a professional recruitment, retention & development policy which reduces the need to spend substantial sums of money replacing players, coaches and managers.


  • Intelligent Football is about education; teaching people the true essence of teamwork, self-development, patience and perseverance, and how to use body language, a powerful tool used “to see what others are thinking.”
  • It teaches team’s about best practice, time & motion, decision making, how to think, look, listen & learn (Tllal) and develop a positive mental attitude.

In Conclusion

  • If your team is proactive, uses best practice, makes the right decisions, has the best skills and out thinks their opponent they will out play them and win most games.

Building The Foundation Of Success

  • Show & earn respect
  • Be nice to all people
  • Be humble in victory & gracious in defeat
  • Say please & thank you
  • Be yourself
  • Think, look listen and learn (Tllal)
  • Do what you do, naturally
  • Stay calm & in control of your emotions
  • Never be afraid to say sorry
  • Have fun

Your First Steps Towards Achieving Success