Football management. A ruthless industry where the spotlight is always on. An industry where every manager has their own distinctive style, from dress sense to tactics to man management!

So what type of manager are you? Answer these 10 questions to find out.

What are you wearing on the sidelines?

How do you use your summer break?

One of the more talented players in your squad is flirting with another squad amid transfer rumours and has been in a poor run of form. They then miss training without reason before the big game this coming weekend (coincidentally against the team they have allegedly been in talks with). What do you do?

You have just taken over a new squad with a decent blend of experience and young talent. You have been given a budget of £60m for the summer. Where do you focus the funds?

You are 1-0 up with 70 minutes on the clock and you have all three subs remaining. The game is a must-win against a close rival. They are piling on the pressure and it seems only a matter of time before they score. Do you?

What is your preferred formation?

There has been intense media pressure on you all month after a few poor results – however your team are still meeting season objectives. After another poor result you are told by one particular journalist that you should 'get the hell out of the club'. How do you react?

What style of football would you like your team to play?

After joining a new team you have noticed than a fan favourite is probably past his best and your alternatives could do a better job. Do you:

A 94th minute goal gives you a win against a manager who has been taunting and attempting to cheat against you all match. What do you do?

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